Within Tempation – Somewhere

24 Gen

Within Temptation – Somewhere

Lost in the darkness

Hoping for a sign

Instead there’s only silence

Can’t you hear my screams?

Never stop hoping

Need to know where you are

But one thing’s for sure

You’re always in my heart


I’ll find you somewhere

I’ll keep on trying

Until my dying day

I just need to know

Whatever has happened

The truth will free my soul

Lost in the darkness

Tried to find your way home

I want to embrace you

And never let you go

Almost hope you’re in heaven

So no one can hurt your soul

Living in agony

Cause I just do not know

Where you are


Wherever you are

I won’t stop searching

Whatever it takes me to know


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Pubblicato da su 24 gennaio 2008 in Musica



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